Book Restoration

Few things are more precious than that Family Bible that has been passed down from generation to generation. You want to make sure that father time does not take too much of a toll on this important family heirloom. If your family Bible is starting to come apart, then it is time to give Beck & Orr a call. We can help restore that Bible to a useful condition by upgrading the cover and repairing the spine. Bible restoration is one of our specialties. There are many companies out there that are advertising this service, but if you want confidence that your family treasure is in good, competent hands, look no further than our 100 plus years of binding and restoration experience. We've thrived for over a century because of quality workmanship, care, and excellent customer service. Call us today at 614-276-8809 today so that we can discuss with you how we will revitalize your family Bible.