ebooks and Digital Binding and Digital PublishingThe world is changing. In 2013 eBook sales accounted for 14% of all consumer spending on books, surpassing hard copy sales. And while paperbacks continue to lead all books sales, it won't be long before eBooks take over as the consumer preferred method of reading. You'll want to be out in front of this revolution.

And while we bind books to preserve and restore your hardcopy tomes, we also provide an invaluable eBook conversion service for your original works. If you are author, professor, educational institution, or anyone with a publishable work, you'll want to make it available to your readership in electronic form. Converting your text to a Portable Document File (PDF) doesn't allow you to take full advantage of the power eReaders, Smartphones and Tablets.

We will convert your work into an epub or Mobi file so that your audience can download it to their preferred device. Want to sell your work on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes? We'll prepare your work based on their specs so that you won't have any problem uploading it to those services.


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